​​Testimonials from past clients:


" ..invaluable in successfully treating acute laminitic cases.... an integral part of our lameness  team in resolving difficult conditions relating to improper hoof balancing and shoeing... no hesitation in recommending him "


" ..can be relied upon to carry out competent and professional work, and I recommend him without reserve"  

C.J.Hillidge BVetMed Bsc PhD FRCVS

" ...skillful and dedicated farrier whose commitment to his charges has been exemplary and constant.....deep understanding of his subject, from routine and corrective farriery right through to complex surgical procedures....long and good relationship with Mr Davies and can recommend him without reservation to any future employer."

M.O'Scanaill MVB MRCVS.


" Ian is a very competent farrier with interest and expertise in corrective and therapeutic work ..... steady number of actual laminitis cases referred to us .... agreeable to work with...no hesitation in recommending him."

R. Gunstone MVB MRCVS.

" we could have only hoped to keep a dedicated and a hardworking person like yourself for many more years. ... thank you for your positive attitude and hard work al these years. It has been a pleasure working with you."

Abdulrazak Alshahwarzi, Brigadier General, Commander Royal Cavalry, Royal Court Affairs, Sultanate of Oman. www.rca.gov.oman


" ... innovative and resourceful skilled practitioner,  independant and successful management of all farriery requirements from conception to maturity from foal to race course, through health, injury and disease. The team and I sadly miss and regret Ian's decision to leave..."

Malik Naseeb, Deputy Director General, Royal Cavalry, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman. www.rca.gov.om